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Grand Orientet


World Jazz

A musical time and culture journey to the East and West

Fourteen musicians from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Turkey and the U.S.A. play the old music of Turkey and Bulgaria, plus the the compositions of Gary Barone. As a result, the classical court music of the Ottomans, the mystic music of the Dervishes, the temperment of the Gypsies, the folklore of Anatilien, and the dance music from Bulgaria merge with funk, Latin and Jazz grooves.


Musikalische Leitung - Gary Barone

Sylvia Oelkrug - Violine ( D)

Zdravka Schneider -Violine (BUL)

Violina Sauleva - Viola ( BUL)

Garo Atmacayan - Violoncello (ARM)

Gary Barone - Trumpet (USA)

Yavuz Duman - Trumpet ( TR)

John Sahutske - Trumpet (USA)

Mike Schweizer - Sax (D)

Nikolaus Halfmann - Sax (D)

Max Zentawer - Guitar (D)

Christian Bachmann - Bass ( SUI)

Ro Kujpers - Drums,Percussion (NL)

Frank Bockius - Drums, Percussion (D)

Shakir Ertek- Drums, Percussion ( TR)

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