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Are you planning an event with live music? Enthuse your public with the Gary Barone BigBand! 

The Gary Barone BigBand - that's 18 musicians with an exciting mixture of swing, blues, rock, funk and Latin jazz. Every one who loves big-band music and has heard recordings or live concerts of the famous orchestras of  Count Basie, Duke Ellington, or Stan Kenton might say, "It's a shame that I can not expose my children or grandchildren to the fascination and the wonderful sounds of those bands." The Gary Barone BigBand will deliver this sound and fascination to your event. 

The sound and the style of the band is molded by band leader and trumpeter Gary Barone. His over 40-year musical career includes more than 20 years spents in Los Angeles, where he played with Stan Kenton, Shelly Manne, Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, et.al. He has lived in Freiburg, Germany since 1995, where he was from the beginning on much in demand as a teacher and soloist. 

Gary has led the BigBand since 1996, and his capable trumpet playing as well as his choice of repertoire have greatly contributed to the success of the band. This repertoire includes the classics of the big-band literature, as well as more modern works of jazz orchestration - from the music of Stan Kenton, Bill Holmann, Count Basie to Gary's brother Mike Barone, as well as Gary's own compositions. In each concert, the band presents milestones not only from jazz, but also from blues, Latin, rock and pop.

High quality big-band jazz makes every concert of the Gary Barone BigBand an adventure, each piece a listening pleasure.

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